Onboarding Progress Tracker


Track and manage onboarding progress for all new hires and review the status of E-Verify and background screenings from one simple dashboard with HigherMe’s Paperless Onboarding.

Track Onboarding Progress
Easily get full visibility into each candidate’s onboarding progress from one dashboard. Want to see which step a candidate is on, or which documents they still haven’t signed? With an easy way to get an overview of your onboarding process, you can see where new hires are most likely to get stuck and optimize your onboarding process as needed.

Automated Onboarding Reminders
Once you’ve invited a candidate to begin onboarding, HigherMe automatically sends email reminders to candidates 24, 48, or 72 hours after the onboarding package has been sent. If you still haven’t heard from an employee after three days, you have the option to easily send them a reminder from the onboarding dashboard.

Track Background Checks and E-Verify
For employers using advanced screening tools, you no longer need to review a candidate’s individual profile to see the status of their background check or E-Verify authorization. Now, each status can be reviewed from your onboarding dashboard.

HigherMe’s Paperless Onboarding makes it easy for new hires to complete onboarding from any device. Learn more.

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