NEW HigherMe screening tools with E-Verify and Checkr

HigherMe E-Verify Checkr

As an employer, you want to feel confident that you’re hiring the best employees, and ensure your new hires have the qualifications and authorizations you need. HigherMe’s new onboarding screening tools allow you to seamlessly confirm work eligibility with E-Verify and complete background checks with Checkr.

HigherMe + E-Verify

You can now submit an E-Verify case directly from HigherMe to confirm a candidate’s eligibility to work in the US. After a new hire has completed their I-9 form, you can review their information and submit their profile. Once a candidate’s work eligibility is successfully determined, you can check the candidate’s status in HigherMe. If the candidate is authorized to work in the US, close the case to continue onboarding your new employee.

HigherMe + Checkr background screening

When sending a new hire their offer letter, it’s now possible to request a background check at the same time with HigherMe. We’ve integrated with Checkr to easily screen a candidate’s criminal record, driving record, past employment, and more. You choose the screening package, and invite the candidate to start the background check as part of their onboarding. Once complete, quickly check a candidate’s status in HigherMe, or view their full report. If you’re satisfied with the results of the candidate’s background check, continue the onboarding process.

Interested in using HigherMe’s new screening tools? Contact to be one of the first users before the official launch. To learn more about HigherMe’s Paperless Onboarding, visit our website to book a demo.

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