This Is Why Your Business Needs Paperless Onboarding Technology


Investing in your hiring process to find and retain star talent is a no-brainer. But have you considered upgrading your onboarding process for new hires?

Businesses making the shift from paper to digital is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. A lot of business owners and managers are understandably hesitant to make the switch all at once. However, making the leap sooner than later not only helps you stay ahead of the curve but also helps your business reap the benefits of going paperless!

We’ve put together a list of amazing benefits that come with adopting Paperless Onboarding. Take a look!

It’s unbelievably easy!

Paperwork is hardly the highlight of any hiring manager’s day. Paperless Onboarding software simplifies the process, allowing new hires to enter their information directly into the program.

This means no more late nights entering data into a spreadsheet. Plus, finding key information is much simpler and efficient – no more paper cuts sifting through loose papers and filing cabinets!

It’s super secure

Traditionally, employee paperwork is kept under lock and key. With Paperless Onboarding, you can free up some much-needed office space! This highly sensitive information is saved in the cloud so you can access the information from anywhere safely and securely.

Save time and money

Slow and steady can win the race, but you’ll spend a lot of cash getting there. When it comes to business, time is money, and a Paperless Onboarding system is a great way to get on the fast track.

The system is streamlined and easy to complete, meaning your new hire completes their paperwork and HR compliance documents faster, and gets to work sooner – how great is that?

It leaves a great impression

Your new hire has accepted your offer of employment and they’re ready to start working with you – but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the clear yet. If you’re one of the many employers out there who struggle with high turnover, you know that hanging on to great talent is just as important as finding them in the first place. An up-to-date system makes a great first impression and tells your new employee that you are willing to invest in the experience and well-being of your team!

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