5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs To Start Recruiting with Text Messaging

Text messaging isn’t just for making weekend plans and sending emojis – it’s been adopted as one of the most effective recruitment tools, at a time when 70% of applications are completed on a mobile device. While some employers have been hesitant about leveraging this new mode of communication, the ones who have embraced it get more applicants, less interview no-shows and have hired better candidates.

At HigherMe, we’ve helped employers get 8x better candidates and 67% less interview no-shows with Text-To-Apply. But if you won’t take our word for it, check out the following 5 reasons why you need to start using texting in your recruitment strategy today!

Reply to candidates faster

While a good recruitment strategy isn’t a race, 37% of hourly job seekers say being hired quickly is the most important factor in deciding where to work. Mobile phones are an extension of almost every individual, with the average person checking their phone 150 times a day and 91% keeping their phone within an arm’s reach. Text messaging ensures that your candidate is more likely to see your message sooner, which will increase your chances of bringing them in for an interview before the competition does!

Send personalized communications to job candidates

Text messaging hasn’t always been associated with professional networking or job hunting, but times have changed and automated tools make it easy to communicate with multiple candidates at once. Sending a quick and personable text message can help you foster a better relationship with your candidate. Most job seekers – particularly Millennials and Generation Z – have embraced this new form of communication during their job hunt and say that this method often contributes to a positive recruitment experience.

Get less interview no-shows

Many job seekers you contact won’t even answer the phone, especially on the first call or if the call comes from an unknown number to them. Phone or email tag can be extremely time consuming for both the employer and the candidate. Text messaging helps you get in communication with candidates faster, and automated interview reminders ensure that the great candidates you’ve found show up for their scheduled interview.

Get more applications

If you always have open positions, text message recruiting is ideal. With Text-To-Apply, you can promote open jobs in store to your current customers or passing job seekers with a poster that includes a unique code. Candidates can get started on their application right away, maybe even as they’re waiting for their order. All you have to do is share and promote the info!

Reduce employee turnover

Candidates who have a good experience setting up an interview will be more likely to show up, and those who have a positive recruitment experience will be happier employees on their first day. Text message recruiting makes everything easier for employers and applicants and builds a stronger professional relationship – key for keeping employees engaged at a time when turnover is 146.2%.

HigherMe is hiring management software for restaurant and retail businesses to find, screen, interview, and hire employees.

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