13 Things Only People Working in the Hotel Business Will Understand


Thanks to a pair of blonde-haired twins on the Disney Channel, a lot of us grew up thinking that hotel life was indeed the “suite life”.

Unfortunately, the working world isn’t quite that magical, although we have to admit it does have its perks. Working in hospitality requires hard work and supreme multitasking abilities – all while putting on a smiling face for each and every guest that walks through the door.

While working in the hotel business is incredibly rewarding, it also has its odd and questionable moments. Here are just a few experiences that almost every hotel worker can relate to.

1. The horrors of the breakfast buffet

You’d think that this was every guest’s last meal by the way they horde stack of pancakes and bacon…

2. Working lean on the night shift

The graveyard shift always has a pretty skeleton staff scheduled. Just pray that there are no unexpected emergencies until morning!

3. “My stay was fine.”

But you can tell from their faces that they’re going to write an angry review online when they get home.

4. Telling guests not to put their room key on their phone

And the same guest returning to the front desk 5 minutes later saying their key card doesn’t work. I WONDER WHY?

5. The one guest who needs 12 towels, 17 pillows, 27 bottles of shampoo, etc.

It’s not the apocalypse, people!

6. When you realize that your rooms are overbooked

We have nightmares on repeat about this scenario, folks.

7. Getting your “guest services” persona on

Put on the smile and the phone operator voice that sounds nothing like your real voice.

8. Inhaling your dinner because there’s always work to be done

Those bags aren’t going to carry themselves to their rooms!

9. Getting to upgrade a super nice guest

It pays to be nice to hotel staff, people!

10. Next level multitasking

Checking in 3 people while taking phone calls and offering directions to lost tourists… just a typical day.

11. Spotting a famous person check in on your shift

And resisting the urge to bug them for a selfie because you’re at work…

12. Pulling your shoes off your tired feet after a long shift

Most. Satisfying. Feeling. Ever.

13. Diving into the Lost and Found

Once you get past the infinite number of lost phone chargers, there are usually some fun gems to be found!

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