15 Things Only People Working in Fast Food will Understand


If you’ve ever worked the fast food life, you know that it’s a unique experience that sticks with you. With it comes an in-depth knowledge of their menu, customer service skills, and a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into serving up a quick meal.

While there are literally hundreds of fast food chains out there, there are still some experiences that bond every fast food worker. Tell us… do any of these sound familiar?

1. When the customer expects you to know the ingredients and nutritional value of each item on the menu by heart.

And then they give you the side eye as you dig out the nutritional info guide.

2. When a customer is taking their sweet time ordering and the line behind them is giving you the death stare.

Honestly, Susan, I’m not in on this – I swear.

3. After a year on the job, your ice cream cones still look like a sad, droopy mess.

Seriously, is it even possible to make an instagram-worthy soft serve??

4. When you have to take heat for an order someone else messed up.

Just smile and nod.

5. Rolling up to another location and judging their every move.


6. When you clock out just in time to beat the rush.

Peace out, work fam!

7. When you don’t clock out in time to beat the rush.

Every lunch rush is like the very first time. Terrifying.

8. Taking the change from a drive thru-customer, and it falls on the ground.

Like… should I go outside to get it? It’s so far…

9. When a group of adult customers can’t make a line to save their lives.

I thought we all learned this in grade school.

10. Trying to punch an overly customized order into a system that can’t handle customized orders.

Maaaaaybe it’s time for an upgrade.

11. A customer rolls up to the drive-thru and you can’t hear a single thing they’re saying.

When they’re blasting the sick beats and you’re trying to figure out if they want a side of fries.

12. Customers who take 200 napkins for no reason.

…and you inevitably have to throw away 197 of them after they leave.

13. Large group orders. ‘Nuff said.

You can see a busload of tourists coming from a mile away.

14. You always smell like your menu.

“L’eau de les frites”.

15. Having to change the order after you punched it in and sent it to the kitchen.

Trying to beat your ticket to the kitchen before they start making the order.

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