“I Finished the Interview. Why Haven't They Called Me Back?”


Getting antsy after your most recent interview? Radio silence after meeting an employer can be super nerve-wracking. How long do you wait before you follow up? Where’s the line between being professional and being a pest?

No, it probably wasn’t your slip up on question number 4. The reality is, life tends to get in the way for everyone! And while there’s no way for you to guess what’s on your interviewer’s plate, we have a few good guesses as to what the hold up might be.

Your contact info was incorrect

During the hiring process, contact info tends to get thrown around like a ball on a tennis court. Even if you got it right on your resume, you might have referenced it incorrectly in an email or over the phone. You never know where the hiring manager might be sourcing your info, so it’s extra important to double check every time before you send a message!

The follow-up email got lost

Technology always seems to fail at the best of times. Maybe the email got sent to your junk folder, or the hiring manager forgot to hit ‘send’. It happens to the best of us!

They’re still doing interviews

Remember, you’re probably not the only person they’re considering for this position. While some employers take on a handful of candidates for the interview stage, others prefer to cast a wider net. Sit tight and be patient!

They’ve offered the job to someone else

It’s not the happiest thought, but there is a chance someone else got the job and they’re waiting to hear whether they’ve decided to accept the offer. This doesn’t mean that you’re out of the running though. If their first choice decides to pass, they may decide to reach out to their next choice. It could be you!

They’re away on vacation

Employers need some R&R too!

They simply forgot

Hey, we’re all human. It happens! Keep in mind that most hiring managers have more on their plate than hiring – they’re often managing teams and running daily operations. It doesn’t hurt to give them a little nudge to show you’re still interested and eagerly awaiting their decision!

How do you handle long wait-times after interviews? If you’re ready to start up your search again, hit us up on HigherMe! Explore opportunities on our Job Board.

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