These Marketing Tactics Can Help You Land Your Dream Job Faster!


Not getting the callbacks you were hoping for? The toughest part about job hunting is catching the employer’s attention. But how can you get your resume to stand out from all the others?

This is an issue that marketers run into every day. Think about all the restaurants, retail stores, and products in the world – most of them do the exact same thing. The businesses with the strongest, most memorable brands are the ones that come to mind first, and that’s exactly what you want to do: be top of mind for employers.

Luckily, you don’t need a marketing degree to leverage branding skills for your job hunt. We’ve put together a list of tactics you can use to stand out amongst the crowd and find your next amazing job!

Establish your brand

Essentially, a brand is made up of traits, qualities, and concepts that are associated with a product, business, or individual. In fact, if you’ve ever worked with anyone as a volunteer, employee, or a student for a school assignment, you’ve already showcased your brand to others. You just need to put it into words and refine it for your job hunt!

Start by asking your friends, coworkers, and even mentors: “what are my strongest skills and qualities in a work setting?” Create a list and select your top skills and qualities (3 or 4 should work, but it’s up to you!). That’s your brand! Ensure that these skills and qualities are highlighted in all aspects of your resume and online profiles. This will show employers that you are aware of what you bring to the table, and leave a strong first impression on them!

Visual design

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to have a striking resume! The first step is to ensure that your document is clean and easy to read. Have a friend take a look and circle and sections where they couldn’t decipher the information at a glance (i.e. dates not lined up clearly with experience, etc.).

Be sure to choose a font that’s professional and easy to read (no Comic Sans please!). Employers receive dozens of applications a day, and they won’t have a lot of time to look at your resume, so it’s best to make the experience easy for them. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it!

Tip: Want to take your resume one step further? Try adding a pop of colour to your header. Don’t go overboard – a little goes a long way!

Above the fold

This is a term that comes from the days of newspapers. The idea is, readers pay more attention to the top half of the paper, but slowly lose interest as they continue reading. Because of this, publishers would aim to put the most important information at the top of the page, above the “fold”.

This is why job seekers are taught to put their contact information and mission statement at the top of the resume, where the employer will be paying the most attention. It’s important to ensure these sections highlight your most important qualifications, so the employer is more likely to pay attention to it!

Statistics and testimonials

It’s one thing to say you’re capable of doing the job. But if you can provide proof, you can bring your job application to a whole new level!

Take some time to go through your past work experiences. Can you quantify any of the contributions you made? For instance, if you’ve worked in retail and they tracked sales made by individual employees, you can showcase your success in upselling. “On average, I sold 10% more product than my coworkers on a monthly basis” sounds a lot more impressive than “I was strong at selling”.

Testimonials are also great. Including positive feedback from previous supervisors and coworkers show that you’re not just tooting your own horn. “I was recognized by my manager as Employee of the Month” is much more effective than “I was Employee of the Month”.

What other marketing tips would you add to this list? Get started on your job hunt – visit HigherMe’s Job Board for the latest opportunities in your area!

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