These Are 6 of the Most Severely Underrated Entry-Level Jobs


You landed a new gig, but it’s not what you thought it’d be. Perhaps you’re working at the back of house, or you’re just not feeling the glamor that you thought would come with being a working professional.

Reality check: we don’t always get to work our dream jobs right away (especially if it’s your first job). But that doesn’t mean that supporting roles aren’t worth doing. In fact, there are a ton of benefits to working the “grunt jobs” that most people aren’t aware of.

If you’re having trouble seeing the silver lining, or you’re looking for options for your job hunt, listen to us when we say don’t pass these opportunities up!


Picking up dishes, wiping off tables, and cleaning up after guests. Sure, it’s not exactly work made for royalty – but for individuals who like to visually see their progress during the course of a shift, this can be pretty satisfying work.

Bussing isn’t behind-the-scenes work either. Often, you’ll have the chance to chat with customers and be required to work in tandem with servers and kitchen staff to ensure that the service is going smoothly.


This isn’t like cleaning up after dinner in your dorm. In restaurants, fast food establishments, and hotels, dishwashers run huge stations composed of different machines and equipment. In a lot of ways, they keep the kitchen running – after all, if there aren’t dishes, the cooks can’t deliver and the guests can’t eat!

If you’re more comfortable working behind the scenes and you’re a fast-paced worker, this can be a pretty rewarding job. Like bussers, you’ll need to communicate with the kitchen staff to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to do their jobs.

Prep Cook

Prep cooks are the foundation of the kitchen staff. Without them, the kitchen would be at a standstill. These individuals are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including chopping veggies, parboiling food, preparing basic dishes (salads, entrees, etc.) and much more!

This is a really great entry-level gig for people who tend to get bored doing the same job over and over – it’s anything but repetitive! There are so many aspects of the role that your opportunities are virtually limitless.

Stock Clerk

These workers are the unsung heroes of retail. They’re responsible for receiving shipments, unpacking orders, and stocking/tracking inventory. This is a pretty physically demanding job, so if you’re looking for a job that’ll help you break a sweat, this is a great place to look!

This position can seem a bit thankless at times, but trust us when we say that experienced industry professionals know the value of a good stock clerk. No one notices a full shelf, but your importance will become apparent once the shelf is empty. If you’re a task-oriented individual with a knack for details, definitely give this role a shot.


If you’re the type of person who hates making their bed in the morning, you might gain a new appreciation for the art after working in housekeeping. These roles require attention to detail, conscientiousness, and all around friendly customer service.

The challenge of this role is to put yourself in the guest’s shoes and provide excellent customer service when they’re not present. Small details like a tucked toilet paper roll or extra toiletries when they’re running low can make all the difference in their experience – and trust us when we say these things don’t go unnoticed.


Behind every great bartender is a supportive partner. Barbacks aren’t always the first role you think of when tending bar, but it’s a great foot in the door to the world of bartending. Barbacks are mostly present in busy and high traffic venues, such as clubs or bars where filling orders at top speed is a must.

The role includes tasks such as stocking ingredients, cleaning the workstation, setup and cleanup, and the occasional maintenance and repair. In fact, barbacks share a lot of their duties with the bartenders, and often get a cut of the tips as well. Not a bad deal!

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