6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Tame Interview Jitters


It’s the day of your interview and you’ve got a funny feeling in your stomach. Oh boy! You’ve got a case of the pre-interview jitters. If you’re a naturally introverted person, job interviews can seem like the furthest thing from a cakewalk. After all, striking up conversation and meeting new people can be intimidating!

That said, you’ve made it this far in the hiring process, which means you have what it takes to ace this interview. Of course that’s easier said than done… follow this introvert’s guide to interviewing to scare that anxiety away.

Eat up!

Some people lose their appetite when nervous, but you need to fuel for the big day! Grabbing a healthy snack before an interview can make a world of a difference. Don’t believe us? According to Dr. Julie Schwartzbard, hunger is tied directly to low blood sugar which makes you tired and affects your ability to focus. A granola bar or a piece of fruit can make all the difference – after all, you don’t want your tummy doing all of the talking during your interview!

Listen to some inspirational jams.

Feeling the butterflies on the way to the interview? Crank up those tunes in your car or pack your headphones for the trip! Music can absorb your attention and become a distraction, which is perfect for keeping your mind clear and positive before an interview.

Stay away from intense, fast-paced music! You want to lower your heart rate, not speed it up. Check out playlists that put you in a confident, relaxed mood. Think more spa music and less heavy metal.

The early bird gets the worm.

Are you the type that’s always rushing? Do you constantly get yelled at by your friends for being late? Well today is not the day to scramble. It’s scientifically proven that rushing results in unnecessarily elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

To avoid getting even more stressed than you already are, prepare! Have your outfit laid out (and make sure you look marvelous) the night before so you don’t waste time deciding what to wear 20 minutes before.

Since you’re on your phone constantly anyways, check Google Maps to get an idea of where the interview is, and how long it will take to get there. If you applied on HigherMe, the location will be listed on the Interview Scheduling page.

Give yourself a little extra time to get there in case you get stuck behind a school bus or the apocalypse happens. Getting there early will be worth it! If you get there a little too early, just sit in your car or chill on a bench. You can pop those headphones back in and jam for a while. When you have 10 minutes left on the clock, you can walk in calm, cool, and collected.

Practice makes perfect.

If you’ve been to an interview before, you know what to expect. They’ll ask about you, your experience, and your skills. So think about how you’ll answer the questions and practice, practice, practice.

Being prepared will alleviate your interview anxiety – after all, with proper preparation, the chances of you getting blindsided is much lower. In addition, practice helps signals travel from the brain to your muscles more efficiently, so grab a mirror, your dog, or your bestie and prepare!

The interviewer will probably quiz you on their company, so surprise them with a killer response! Google the company and do your research. If you can summarize what the company does and what you’d be doing at the company concisely in 2 sentences, it’s a good sign that you know your stuff!


We breathe constantly without even thinking about it. So how would this help our pre-interview anxiety? Well, slow, deep breathing actually stimulates the opposing parasympathetic reaction. In other words, it can calm you down. Try finding a meditation app if you’re not sure where to start… so find your center before walking into your interview. Inhale… Exhale… Namaste.

Confidence is key.

Feeling unsure? It can be tough to believe in yourself, but the employer wants to interview you for a reason. They liked what you had to offer! Now that you feel confident, try to act confident too! It’s easier said than done, especially for shy folk, but with a strong handshake, proper posture, and a smile, you can take on the world. And remember, it’s just a conversation. You chat all the time with your friends and family. An interview is no different!

Being a little anxious before an interview is totally normal and okay. Nerves keep you on your toes! But don’t let your jitters to take over your interview. As long as you take the time to prepare, you have a great shot at leaving the employer with a great first impression.

Feeling like you’re ready to take on an interview or two? Start your application on HigherMe today!

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