Resume 2.0: How to Create a Job-Seeker Profile That Works


Job hunting the old-school way? You’re probably not getting as much traction as you could be.

One of the biggest advantages to job searching in the 21st century is the sheer number of options. From networking to online postings to in-store applications, there are tons of ways to connect with employers – all of which could lead to your dream job!

With all of these resources available, it’d be foolish to not leverage every single one to increase your employment options. One excellent way to get your name out there is with a job-seeker profile. These profiles are like resumes – but since they’re online, they’re highly customizable, allowing you to provide employers a better understanding of you as a professional!

Whether you create your own online website, update your Linkedin profile, or create a specialized profile on a platform like HigherMe, here are some key elements you need to perfect!

Put your best face forward

Not access to a photographer? There are still lots of easy ways to get a professional-looking headshot for your profile. All you need is a well-lit room (natural daylight works wonders!) and a wall for the background. Camera phones work well – just make sure you look neat and put together!

Introduce yourself

While resume objectives are an outdated practice, it’s still important to let employers know what you’re looking for. But hiring managers want to know more than where you want to work – they want to know who you are.

Take some time to craft a well-worded sentence that explains who you are as a professional, what you have to offer, and where you’re looking to work. Want to take it even further? Try creating a Video Cover Letter on HigherMe so employers can get to know your personality right from the application stage. It can really give you the edge on the competition!

Keep it focused

For most people, their online professional profile functions as a full archive of their career experience. However, if you’re on the job hunt, you can make adjustments to tip the scales in your favor.

It all lies in refining the information featured. For example, if you’re looking to secure a job as a bartender, update the descriptions in your work history to highlight your experience working with others in fast-paced environments, your ability to multi-task, and any other skills or qualities that would make you a good fit.

Answer the employer’s questions (before they ask!)

Not surprisingly, employers have a lot on their plate. As a result, they don’t have a lot of time to spend on hiring. As an applicant, you can use this to your advantage by making your hiring process as streamlined as possible.

How? Begin by anticipating what the employer will need. Ensure that your contact information is accurate and easy to locate on your online profile. If you’re applying for a job that requires shift work, specify the hours you are available right off the bat, instead of waiting for the employer to ask. Trust us when we say that you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons!

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Time to land an awesome job. Have you started searching yet? Sign up for a free account and start applying!

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