A Guide to Seasonal Job Hunting for Procrastinators


The first rule of seasonal job hunting: start early.

If you’re reading this article, it’s pretty safe to say that you managed to fall short of step one (hey, it happens!). Maybe life got in the way, or you’re just a chronic procrastinator. With that said, it doesn’t change the fact that you need a job and you need it now!

The good news is, with the holiday season right around the corner, employers are looking for great talent to join their team. However, things aren’t linear when it comes to hiring – often, hiring managers see last-minute dropouts, don’t find the right people, or find themselves scrambling weeks before the rush.

To land a job in time for the holidays, you need laser focus and a plan. Here’s how:

Know what you’re after

When hiring seasonal employees so close to the rush, employers want to make fast decisions. That becomes a lot harder if you don’t seem sold on the role you’ve applied for.

Consider your skills and attributes. Do you shine face-to-face? Love crushing to-do lists? Are you a behind-the-scenes cheerleader? Make a list of positions that suit you, so that when you get called in for an interview, you can speak with absolute confidence about your ability to do the job. It makes it a lot easier for employers to make a fast decision on whether to hire you – plus, it shows that you’ll be able to hit the ground running with less hand-holding.

Know why you’re there

There’s nothing worse than going into an interview and being called out on not knowing why you applied. You get uncomfortable. The employer becomes unimpressed. It’s just an unpleasant situation.

Not only that, but it’s totally avoidable. Ask yourself before you apply: why am I looking for a seasonal position? Are you looking to test the waters in a new line of work? Maybe it fits your schedule better, but you can’t commit to a long-term role. Having a smart answer in your back pocket is the best way to dodge this common and deadly hurdle during the interview process.

Make an appearance

Let’s be real: resumes are a necessary evil of the job-hunting world. No one wants to write them. Few employers enjoy reading them. They’re there to convey facts about your background, and little else.

But your value doesn’t lie in dates and bullet points – it lies in your personality and work ethic. Getting in front of a potential employer and showcasing yourself in a genuine and authentic way can make the difference between a forgotten application and a great hire.

Of course, getting up in front of your employer’s face isn’t always possible (and showing up during work hours can be pretty awkward). Using innovative platforms like HigherMe’s Video Cover Letters can help you bypass this roadblock and spotlight the value you bring before you even hit the interview stage!

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