Find Your Next Job in 3 Easy Steps with HigherMe


Dreading your job-hunt? You’re not alone – there’s no denying that finding employment is frustrating business. And while we’ve graduated as a society from snail-mailing resumes to emails and online recruitment systems, almost all of us can agree that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Fortunately, there are more options than you think. HigherMe is a great way to find your next career. We work with well-known companies including White Castle, Dunkin’ Donuts, California Pizza Kitchen, Pinkberry, Lululemon, and Planet Fitness to connect talented workers with exceptional opportunities!

Getting set up with HigherMe is simple. Consider the following a crash-course on how to get the most out of our platform:

1. Sign up

This is the easiest part! Go to our sign-up page and create an account by filling out a short form. Alternatively, you can choose to link your Facebook account for an even quicker process. The whole process takes less than two minutes!

2. Fill out your profile

Once you’ve created and confirmed your account, head on over to the profile page, which can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of the HigherMe homepage. Here, you’ll discover a number of tabs which will help share your skills and experiences with potential employers!

Profile –
In this tab, fill in your contact info, education, and past work experiences. Think of this as your resume, which employers will view when evaluating your application.

Preferences – There’s nothing more annoying than going through the trouble of interviewing for the job, only to find out your expectations don’t line up with the employer’s. By filling out your wage expectations, travel arrangements, and preferred industries, you can be sure to find opportunities that suit what you’re looking for!

Video – Many employers who use HigherMe to fill their positions are looking for individuals with a certain disposition. A video cover letter allows you to show off your personality and enhance your application. This is optional, but it can make all the difference, especially if you’re applying for a customer facing role.

Availability – Like the preferences tab, this section eliminates the guesswork that comes with applying for a job. Let potential employers know the number of hours you’d like to work per week and highlight your available hours in the provided calendar!

TIP: Be sure to upload a professional-looking photo to your profile at the top of the page. Having a great-looking picture can make a great first impression on employers even before they open your application!

3. Submit your applications

Once you complete your profile, it’s time to submit some job applications! HigherMe’s Job Listings page is chock full of fantastic career opportunities in a variety of industries and disciplines. See a job you like? Click VIEW JOB to find out more. Once you’re ready to apply, hit APPLY NOW to this job to begin the process.

The good news is, if you put in the legwork and fill out the profile completely, submitting your application won’t take more than a couple of minutes. All the required info will automatically populate for you, so just follow the steps (some companies will have unique questions for each position for you to answer) and send away!

TIP: Track your unfinished and completed applications by going back to your profile page and selecting the APPLICATIONS tab!

And there you have it… finding a job through HigherMe in 3 easy steps! Be sure to check our job listings regularly, as we cycle and update our postings on a regular basis. Should you require support, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Happy hunting!

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