Take Your Recruitment Strategy To The Next Level With Text Messaging

Text messaging isn’t just for making weekend plans and sending emojis anymore. It’s been adopted as one of the most effective recruitment tools. While some employers have been hesitant about leveraging this new mode of communication, the ones who have embraced it have seen amazing results. After all, the average person checks their phone 150 times a day and 91% keep their phone within an arm’s reach.

At HigherMe, we have integrated text messaging into a number of our products and services. But if you won’t take our word for it, check out the following 5 reasons why you need to start using texting in your recruitment strategy today!

It’s fast and effective

While a good recruitment strategy isn’t a race, timeliness can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with top talent. Mobile phones are an extension of almost every individual, and they are constantly checking them for updates. Text messaging ensures that your candidate is more likely to see your message sooner, which will increase your chances of bringing them in for an interview before the competition does!

It’s personalized

Text messaging hasn’t always been associated with professional networking or job hunting – but times have changed. Sending a quick and personable text message can help you foster a better relationship with your candidate. Most job seekers – particularly millennials – have embraced this new form of communication during their job hunt and say that this new element often contributes to a positive recruitment experience.

It’s convenient

Many job seekers you reach out to won’t even answer the phone on the first call. Phone tag or email tag can be extremely time consuming for both the employer and the candidate. Perhaps they’re at work and can’t pick up the phone, or they’re only able to check their personal email during certain times of the day. Text messaging helps bridge that gap, providing peace of mind for the applicant and reducing hassle for you.

It helps promote your opportunities

If you are actively seeking great candidates over an extended period of time, text messaging is a great way to get the word out and have applicants connect with you. HigherMe’s Text-To-Apply product is a fantastic option for employers looking to convert their customer traffic into potential candidates. By texting a unique code to HigherMe, they can submit their application in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is share and promote the info!

It reduces turnover

Sending interview reminders through text message is a great way to follow up with your scheduled candidates. These reminders will ensure that your applicants are up-to-date and informed when they arrive for your meeting. Plus, if you’ve had some back-and-forth over text messaging previously, it will create a stronger professional relationship which will increase the likelihood of them turning up.

FACT: Worried about getting bombarded with texts from applicants? No worries… HigherMe’s Text-to-Apply system handles all messages and applications so you don’t have to!

There are countless ways to incorporate text messaging into your recruitment strategy. It’s accessible and affordable, so why wait? Be sure to connect with our Hiring Consultants at contact@higherme.com to find out how to maximize your recruitment efforts.

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